Grand Straits Garden’s Banquet and Event Facilities

Grand Straits Garden Seafood Restaurant is now beautifully decorated. Elegant environment, exquisite lighting, coupled with well-trained waiters, let you enjoy delicious food in a pleasant environment, it is definitely a pleasure.

Another selling point is the 8 luxury VIP rooms at the Grand Straits Garden Seafood Restaurant. Each room has a 'Plasma TV'. The larger wing also has a private washroom. Floor-to-ceiling windows let the beautiful night view unfold in front of you. It is worth mentioning that the Grand Straits Garden Seafood Restaurant is the first luxury super VIP table in Malaysia. This super-luxurious VIP table can accommodate up to 20 guests, and the VIPs will enjoy the luxury of the emperor.

Diners can definitely feel another unique flavor visually. In addition to an indoor restaurant, a luxurious VIP room and a grand ballroom that can accommodate up to 1,000 people, the Grand Straits Garden Seafood Restaurant also features a tropical rainforest open-air restaurant swaying with the sea breeze, magnificent and able to accommodate. This tropical rainforest open-air restaurant has a total of 60 large and small dining tables. Immerse yourself in this beautiful environment, swaying coconut trees, swaying the sea breeze, enjoying the food and pairing with the fragrant red wine, you will be intoxicated.

Grand Straits Grand Ballroom is magnificent and can accommodate thousands of people with projectors and large stage, perfect for all kinds of banquets.

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